MAHER School of Cinematography 

Maher School of Cinematography (MSC) launched in 2021 is committed to produce cinematic work that tells stories from a new perspective. We are a team of young professionals and our aim is to be Pakistan’s leading motion picture production company with premium content. Maher’s mission is to develop a reliable relation with its client. We are always up for a challenge, thrive amongst chaos and firmly believe that a creative opportunity lies in every problem. Our goal is to work in innovative ways to explore contemporary global issues through cinematic lens, and to support nonfiction storytelling. We are dedicated to take creative risks, explore new ways of storytelling, reach audiences worldwide and make films with a faster production cycle.

We do business in
  • Success story picturization
  • Case study characterization
  • Documentaries

What makes us different from our competitors

Honesty: We aspire honesty in everything we do.

ResponsibilityWe are responsible content producers.

Ambition: We are faithful to the clients and proudly ambitious for them and the company.

Unimpeachable: We are unimpeachable and can be completely trusted by the client.

Creativity: We foster innovation and new ideas.