MAHER: Management, Analysis and Human Empowerment for Results
Maher Consulting

Welcome to MAHER Consulting — where tradition meets reinvention. We're not your typical consulting firm; we are a groundbreaking concept. Rooted deeply in the ethos of actionable impact, our approach transcends the standard. For us, it's not about the mere execution of tasks, whether it's management, advocacy, monitoring, or communication. It's about envisioning and ensuring tangible results. Every social action we advocate for or engage in isn't just about the activity – it's about the ripple of change it catalyzes. At MAHER, we don't just do; we achieve.

Strategic Planning

We help organizations to succeed by formulating their strategic plans, Resource Mobilization Plans and set their future priorities.

Research & Report writing

MAHER has a rich research profile. We conduct specialised and targeted research for our diversified client.

Program Development

MAHER’s experts have a decade of experience writing dozens of successful and unsuccessful grant proposals. 

Project Monitoring

Whether you have one or few projects or have large complex projects, Maher team can provide you a solution that is perfect for you.

Project Evaluation

We evaluate programs to guide management, practitioners and stakeholders towards more effective programs.

Strategic Communication

MAHER Consulting's communication services are purposefully designed for goal-driven results.

Project Management

Our project management team is adept in accomplishing tasks and optimizing the resources to achieve project goals.

Training & Capacity Building

 We provide innovative solutions for Training programs on governance, service delivery and livelihood related issues.

Digital Marketing for Non-Profit

MAHER delivers bespoke digital solutions that amplify your mission, engage your audience, and drive transformative results.

Our Latest Publications/Consultancies

Champions of Harmony:Success Stories

Inspiring stories from Youth for Humanity Project developed for Search for Common Ground

State of Budget Transparency

How much progress has been made in the movement for transparency in the budgetary process in Pakistan?

Gender Parity Report Sindh, 2023

First ever Gender Parity Report for Sindh developed for Oxfam in Pakistan

Read our Trio on climate change

Stakeholder involvement in climate finance

analysing how stakeholders, from government agencies to civil society, can collaborate to ensure the transparent flow and use of climate funds

Climate Finance Guide for Stakeholders

A resource for stakeholders across government, non-profit, and private sectors seeking to navigate the landscape of climate finance. 

A starter guide for ngos on climate action

An essential resource designed to equip non-governmental organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary for effective climate action.