Terms and Conditions for MAHER Legal Services

Professional Services Standard Terms and Conditions
1. Client, at its expense, shall pay, discharge, and be responsible for, all fees, business, use, or other similar taxes or assessments charged or levied by reason of anything performed under the Agreement.
2. The Firm shall provide the Client with legal services consisting of professional legal counselling, representation or defence of the person in court, during pre-trial procedure or elsewhere, and preparation of documents for the person and performing other legal acts in the interests of the person.
3. The Firm shall ensure the quality of the legal service provided to the Client.
4. The principles for calculation and the amount of the fees for legal services are indicated in the respective Contract for Legal Services.
5. The confidentiality of the communication with the Client at the place of business of the Firm is ensured by law and the Firm shall maintain the confidentiality of the fact of applying for legal services, the content of legal assistance and the amount of the fees.
6. The fee paid by the student for its respective selected course shall be paid in advance and is non-refundable.
7. The Firm has no obligation to verify the accuracy of information received from the Client.
8. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the provision of professional services shall be settled by Negotiations between the parties and shall not be subjected to litigation.